Are PVC Heart Beats Dangerous

When you are suffering from a run of PVC's it's easy to get concerned because they just feel so strange. Lots of times the anxiety of worrying about them can make them even worse. I'm sure many people can relate to the feeling of "am I have a heart attack?" They really can be unsettling for a lot of people.

PVC Heart Beats In Healthy Hearts

Almost all of the current studies show that PVC heart beats in a normal, healthy heart, are harmless. It doesn't seem to matter if your PVC's come only at rest, only after exercise, or all throughout the day. It seems that the presence of PVC heart beats is not an indicator of health problems.

With that said, if you are experiencing PVC heart beats then you need to have a cardiologist look into them to help determine if there is a cause and if it is treatable.

PVC Heart Beats in an Unhealthy Heart

Similarly, in individuals with known underlying heart problems, PVC heart beats can be an indicator of a problem. This is why it is important to establish a relationship with a cardiologist if you are experiencing PVC heart beats.

How to Make PVC Heart Beats Stop

We have a list of PVC Cures and Long Term PVC Cures that might help reduce the incidence of PVC heart beats.